URBAN PROMO: former Marangoni area
worthy of the Premio Urbanistica prize


Since 2006, the scientific magazine of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU), Italy’s National Urban Planning Institute, has been selecting the best projects presented at Urbanpromo, a benchmark event in Italy for urban regeneration. Last year, the event organized by INU and Urbit rewarded ten separate projects in three different categories, each of which put the spotlight on new ways of living, on regeneration and on technological innovations in an urban context.


The winning projects centred on the concept of “New ways of living and producing” included Heliopolis’ project for the regeneration of the former Marangoni Meccanica industrial area, presented at the event by our partner company Rovim Srl. The prize rewards the idea and the ability to integrate the needs of the urban area of Rovereto, without neglecting the eco-sustainability of the result.