Our activity is inspired by modern and innovative estate and by mixture of renewables utilization together with energy efficiency and environmental, economic and social sustainability. We believe in infrastructural projects that optimize the estate functionality through environmental sustainability, being economically viable at the same time; this is what we expect to be our future. We believe in energy sources whose consumption does not represent a threat for the nature and Earth wealth. These sources of energy can continuously regenerate, they are inexhaustible and widely available; this is what we consider a choice of nature.

We strongly believe in what we do. We are committed towards a solid international growth, with the objective of becoming an important reference company within our domains, being considered by public entities as strategic asset for environmental endorsement and by market players as reference committee for efficient solutions and quality of projects.


We aim to succeed in all projects we are involved in, being aware of the complexity of our work, strategically addressing issues on technical, administrative and financial sides. We promote projects participation of top standing and recognized expertise professionnels, together with an interesting professional team of 70 collaborators, having technical, economic and humanistic skills, together with a multidisciplinary approach on services, a key element in order to manage projects on a wide- ranging approach. We are present through our offices in Italy, Romania, Luxembourg and Mozambique, and we operate in different areas throughout Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America.


We were founded in 1990 in the heart of Trentino as an engineering company and after 25 years of continuous expansion we have become a leading company which operates in design, development and management of civil infrastructures, renewable energy plants and energy efficient projects.

Infrastructural and civil design
(1990) ATA Engineering was established , it developed for long time designing activities within the Group.
Design, sustainable design, rehabilitation and energy efficiency for public estate and hospital infrastructure, luxury accommodation, thermal cogeneration plants.

Renewable energies
(2008) Heliopolis Energia was established, as  company activities spreading towards renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.
We acquired financial skills that supports hard investments required n our sector and we began specializing in activities of development, managing phases of start-up, asset management, operation and maintenance for renewable energy plants.
We have promoted partnerships with some of the main multi-utility Italian companies and therefore (2010) we have established ReEnergy Capital SCA, a Sicar fund focused on renewable energy investments.

2011-up to today
International growth
(2011) Kalivac, Albania. Technical and economical feasibility study for hydro and biomass energy production and distribution plant.
(2011) Timisoara, Romania. Office opening, photovoltaic energy production plants.
(2013) Sao Paulo, Brazil. Development and energy efficiency for hospital infrastructure.
(2014) Maputo, Mozambique. Acquisition of the controlled company Mocitaly. Rural areas electrification through off-grid systems. Feasibility studies for photovoltaic plants, hydro plants, sanitary infrastructures and company energy efficiency projects.
(2015) Heliopolis Energia became Parent company and front brand of our activities within different sectors we operate in.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We develop sustainable projects and environmental solutions in order to safeguard the territory and responsibility towards all stakeholders of the areas in which we operate by following ethical and security standards which are our core values. We help the people who live in the territory where we operate. We work in partnership with AMREF, for the development of areas in Mozambique which lack power supply by off-grid and solar energy systems in order to bring power to rural areas. We are also sponsors of Missio Link International, Ask For Help and other Non-Profit Organizations, to support children and disadvantaged families in Romania.